Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Godswar on Facebook

Before I switch to play Facebook's Tetris Battle Godswar is the game I love to play. Godswar is like any other level up games. The only difference is that you can play this game directly from your web browser and they offer a feature wherein you can leave your character alone through the AFK (away from keyboard). This means that your player can still gain experience even you are away, your player will auto-attack and auto-heal as well as auto-mana himself/herself. Here an example video for the Godswar's trailer.

Godswar is not a flash game, this game uses the Kalydo platform. That's why Godswar will require you to download and install this plugin upon clicking the Godswar App on your facebook account. One advantage of this game is that even using a USB modem for your internet connection will not give you lag while playing. Since I only use USB modem when I am in my house for internet connection I still can play this amazing game. I started playing this game 2 months ago and I still play this game up to present. Godswar is a game between two great lands, the Sparta and Athens. Well I am with the Spartans. There are four types of characters here, the warrior, champion, priest and mage. I already try all four but I like champion the most. See pictures below.

Champions are concentrated to fast offense and attacking skills but they have low defensive skills. They are really good for BUA (bay under attack) event. They use spear as they're weapon.

Mages uses magic for their skills. They have a wide range of skill effects. Also don't have that much defensive skills. Same as the champions they are both good for PvE (player versus environment). Mages use wand as they're main weapon same as the priest.

Priests are mainly for support function, they have lots of skill that heals themselves and other players. They are very good support when bosses. Hunting bosses here in Godswar is a must because of the drops they give. Those drops are sometimes gems, and other important items in Godswar.

Warriors are mainly the most defensive type of character in Godswar. They don't have that much attack capabilities but combined with their defensive skills warriors are definitely on of the most chosen character in Godswar.

Here is the picture of my character at Godswar Delphinus Server. Sorry but I am new to this game and I am only Armor Rank 2 and Weapon Rank 2 as of now.

I have a lot to learn to play this game and make my character more powerful. Here, you upgrade all your armor, rings and weapon to a certain level to reach higher ranks. The higher the grades the higher your attack power and health/mana goes. This game certainly is not base on how high your level is but on how high the grades of your weapon and armor. One good thing for this game is that the GM has so many events, where players can earn B-GOLD. There are three currencies here, the GOLD (obtain by purchasing or sold item), B-GOLD (given by GM, completed task, converted from GOLD) and SILVER (came from sold items and tasks). All of the above currencies are important and can be used to buy important items specially gems. There are four main gems here, the rubies (used for upgrading the level of weapon), the emeralds (used to upgrade or even change the appearance of an item to whatever you wanted defending upon the available list of items the forging process will give you), sapphire (used to upgrade attributes) and crystals (used to add success rate in forging items).

Personally I have made many characters here in Godswar, the first five characters I have made are all messed up, since I don't know all the strategies of playing Godswar before. I learn only by asking my co-players, reading Godswar forum and most specially through google (my internet best friend). The important events in Godswar are always announced by the GM, and also can be read on their Events tab located at the top of your Godswar platform.

Some tips I can give even though I am a newbie in Godswar.
  • Upon creating your character, ASAP go and find a master because 2000 B-GOLD is the prize when you reach level 50 and graduated being an apprentice.
  • For being a master find many apprentice you can find, because you will gain ethics from your apprentice that can be exchanged for B-GOLD.
  • For master and apprentice application, make sure that there is a gap of 30 levels in order for you to have a master or apprentice.
  • Upon reaching level 30, and opening the gift bag use the parcel stone immediately, because that stone has a certain amount of time to vanish. Parcel stones are used to have extra space in your back pack.
  • Do Warmats (war materials, the food, wine, weapon and medicine) daily so that your league will be benefited as well as your character. Warmats will give you, guild contribution, silver and large amount of experience.
  • Use your fireworks daily, this is acquired from the pyro envoy. This will also give you large amount of experience. Upon getting the fireworks you will be given a coordinate to find and after finding that coordinate you will release your fireworks there to obtain your experience.
  • Obtain your Nameplate daily at the Faction Crier. This will give you large amount of experience without a sweat. The amount of experience varies on the level of your character.
  • Do Zeus Envoy daily, this event will give you experience, pan envoy (is an event at treasure island wherein you will catch many monster and inside that monster you will get good items), and silver. Here is the pattern when you are inside the Dodecanese.
Follow this numbers to find Hera
  • Next do all the tasks with great rewards, these rewards maybe large experience, gems and silver. You don't have to do all the tasks that are not that important and the rewards are not that good enough.
  • Always hunt for bosses.
  • And always sell good items you looted during your quests.
  • Do the Marathon Event daily, this will give 720 B-GOLD. When you are level 50 just look for the Fitness Trainer at Suburbs of Sparta and do the event. This can be done 6 times a day.
Well that's all I can give base on my experience playing Godswar for two months. And I will be back for more. Godswar rocks!

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